Through a marketing lens

Every now and then I encounter a business with a unique product value proposition.

Jasper’s Bar and Restaurant in Pemberton is one such exemplar. It is a carefully considered ‘mix’ of the total product including the six product components [goods, services, ideas, experiences, people, & place].

Let’s have a quick look at the PLACE component – Jasper’s is set in the main street of a town so ‘Australian’ that it was chosen as a movie location [hence the name Jasper’s]. A town surrounded by rolling fields, farms, and forests. The building is built with traditional Australian materials and is a tribute to the designers and tradespeople. A magnificent Jarrah wood bar [rescued timber] is a centre piece with the woodgrain narrating a 500-year story and paying respect to the town’s timber heritage.

The value proposition brings beverages from around the word to complement and provide an alternative in a town within a well-known wine region. When asked – the owner explained ‘the concept just felt right – natural’. Explore the shelves and it is like a world tour. A curated collection of photographs, whisky barrels, and props add to the theatre of the bar. However, place [product provenance] is also evident in the selection of spirits from around the world. Particularly impressive is the selection of whisky from Scotland [with hand-crafted whisky from Islay, Cambeltown, Oban – etc.]. The breadth and depth of products demonstrates extensive research and a desire to best satisfy a customer searching for an epistemic experience. Just for the record – I took ‘the owner’s advice and settled for an Isle of Harris Gin with tonic water and a slice of red grapefruit.

Jasper’s unique product value proposition is attention to detail that goes beyond ‘branding’.

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