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Indian Motorcycles

In this exemplar we explore the evolution of the motorcycle, the rise and fall of a brand an how an orphan brand was brought back to life – with a passion for quality and value.

Memorial tourism

In this exemplar we explore war-related tourism and war memorials. This is a polarising topic and it demonstrates how our personal values vary. The research approach is nethnographic a combination of ethnography and netnography. In addition the academic tendency to discuss memorials as ‘dark tourism’ is questioned.


In this exemplar we explore an exception. Most products are inanimate, however, some products are animate – living and therefore need constant care. Most products are produced. In this exemplar we look at an organisation that rescues and relocates Grasstrees an Australian and particularly slow growing plant.

The Kelpies

In this exemplar we explore an The Kelpies, at 30metres the ‘Kelpies’ are the largest equine sculptures in the world. Created by Andy Scott & located in a park land setting in Falkirk – they represent the ancient history of Scotland & the innovative nature of the people. Consider the CADDIE process.

Place: virtual

In this exemplar we look at the virtual world of today and compare it with the virtual world of the 1880s. Perhpas everything old is new again.


Beer marketing

In this exemplar we hear from an advertising executive and how a good advert is about finding the sweet spot.

Beer branding: Brewdog

In this exemplar we explore on of the most exciting organisations in the UK and discover how they have developed a unique business philosophy.

Kinetic Theatre

In this exemplar we look at an exception – The Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre. We do this to explore the product components & reinforce that product can be dominant in components other than goods and services.

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