What is marketing?

If you think marketing is about attention grabbing advertising alive with buzzwords, a feel-good catchphrase, a snazzy logo, a flashy web-site, and a good ‘spin’ when things go bad – then sorry – but you are wrong.

If you think marketing is selling ‘things’ to people that they don’t need or want – then sorry – but, once again, you are wrong – very wrong.

Sure – effective communication and sales revenue are crucial, however, marketing is about building profitable exchange relationships. Relationships that are profitable for all parties over the long-term.


You may think you know very little about marketing.

However, the good news its that you probably know more than you may realise.

As a consumer, it is likely that you have made thousands of buying decisions.

You will have visited markets, shops, restaurants, received the services of dentists, doctors, and mechanics, and, experienced events such as cinema, concerts, and sports.

Many will have purchased a car, an overseas holiday, and some a home.

You know about the relationship between quality and value – that ‘you get what you pay for’ and that sometimes it is best to spend more to satisfy your needs.

You know when you are satisfied and when you are dissatisfied.

You know about customer service and when an organisation has treated you with respect or contempt.

Therefore as a consumer you are an experiences marketer.

As a connected consumer, you have shared your consumption experiences with family and friends and observed and learned from the consumption experiences of society.

You have influenced consumer attitudes and learned what products to approach and what to avoid.

Now it is time to put those consumption experiences to work.

The best news is that you can download an absolutely free copy of themarketingconcept [e-book].

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