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This is the third such survey and the first in 2019. Every so often, as part of the co-creation process the views of students and practitioners are sought. In this survey a few recurring statements from qualitative responses will be explored in greater detail.

Please consider and answer the following questions. You are not tracked or identifiable, and your answers are confidential. If you find that on reflection an your answer is not consistent with your views – then – you may change an answer. The survey results are made available to participants after your vote is lodged. The collective information may be employed in future research or to provide guidance for the website and e-book.

Thanks for your time.

Stephen Fanning


In qualitative interviews some academics have indicated that – ‘I would not waste my time creating an online textbook, I can see the value for students, however, as writing a textbook is generally not regarded as ‘real academic work’  and there is no financial benefit I will focus my attention elsewhere’. Regardless of whether this statement is true or false do you believe that free custom online textbooks should be considered ‘real academic work’.

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