an axiom built on the premise that organisations that best satisfy the needs of their customers are best placed to satisfy their own needs.

The 4 quests highlight the importance of being vigilant to market changes and open to market opportunities

towards the design and develop of products that are distinct, discernible, desirable, and best satisfy the dreams and demands of customers.
best satisfying means profit for the customer, the organisation, the channel partners, & society

best satisfying means guiding the consumer through the buyer decision process from pre-purchase expectations to post-purchase behaviours

best satisfying means designing and developing a total product – the totality of what is offered and received in an exchange 

best satisfying means relationships that are synergistic, symbiotic, strategic, & sustainable

best satisfying means measuring and managing – episodic, cumulative, aggregate, and collective satifaction

the characteristics of the company, organisation, market, and product require careful measurement and management

 a process to collect & analyse information; to design & develop a business plan, a marketing plan and then how to implement & evaluate the marketing action plans

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