The marketing concept is built on a simple premise – organisations that best satisfy the needs of their customers are best placed to satisfy their own needs.

To be best satisfying organisations must understand the dreams and demands of their customers; design and develop products that are distinct, discernible, and desirable; deliver on promises, act in a dignified manner and provide long-term dividends to customers, the organisation, channel partners, and society.

Better marketing for a better world

Marketing is not new – for thousands of years buyers and sellers have come together to satisfy their needs and wants – and formed relationships with those they knew and trusted. Marketing is about mutual satisfaction – it is part of being human – at a collective level economies and societies function through the sum of all exchanges.

Organisations are comprised of people – by improving marketing knowledge  by improving how organisations do business – by documenting the steps to a sustainable competitive advantage – we can minimise the impact on the planet, improve the lives of many, and create better societies. Better business and better societies through better marketing.

 A philosophy of free & open access

To advance marketing knowledge and provide a better understanding of the application of the philosophy and theory of marketing this website distributes two marketing e-books plus companion tutorials, activities, and exemplars.

There are two e-books, both free, and both explain the marketing concept, however, they are written for different readers.

  • One, this e-book, is an academic treatise of marketing which explores the best academic literature, is ideal for academics, educators and students.
  • The other, an abbreviated version explains marketing from a manager’s or business owner’s perspective – this is ideal for business-people who wish to quickly understand marketing and how it can be applied to benefit business.

Let’s face it – not everyone – everywhere can afford or has access to a quality marketing textbook. To ensure that more people have an equal learning opportunity, the author is committed to providing free + open access content to marketing/business academics, business students and business people.

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Please feel free to pass on the website link to anyone who you feel may benefit.

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