An exceptional B&B

During the first time zone of the buyer decision process consumers, search for products and select products where there is a perception of the most positive outcome – consider possible outcomes. When considering alternative products unacceptable products are eliminated and others are estimated according to perceptions of value – with classifications of adequate, predictive, equitable, and ideal. Although we hope for ideal – often the outcome is adequate or to an industry standard [predictive.  However, every now and then we receive service that is exceptional – this exemplar looks at a bed and breakfast establishment that standout from the rest.

Our B&B, the Alt-An lodge, is on the main street and easy to find. We are greeted by Margaret, then, we meet her husband Trevor[it appears they have since sold their business]. Then, Margaret takes us to our room. The home is spotless, our room is comfortable and we are invited to treat this as home for the next 4 nights. It has been a long day since we left Islay, a fair bit longer because of the navigation error, but an enjoyable day. We are hungry and Margaret suggests a few places to try, she warns us that this is the ‘height of the summer season’ and getting a table may be difficult.

Margaret asks us to order our breakfast before we head out for the town.

We head out, just for the record we waved to the other cars but no one waved back, Fort William is quite a big city and this is different to Islay. We parked the car, bought a parking ticket and walked to the main street.  After a few knock backs ‘do you have a reservation’ – we are welcomed and ushered upstairs by a friendly wait person – who is working at the restaurant as her school job – she tells us that if we want alcohol she will have to get one of her ‘friends to take that order as she is only allowed to take food orders …’.

We look around and chat about what the other diners are ordering and notice that the burger did come with ‘a good portion of chips’ as promised and is very popular. I elect to wash the burger down with a pint of local craft beer.  It was a good choice. The main meal was very good quality and value for money.

Then, we spot the desserts on the next table and decide to order the most glorious ice-cream sundaes.  The quality of Scottish ice-cream has to be tasted to be believed.

The bed at our B & B was big and comfortable, the pillow had depth and firmness, the sheets clean and crisp. There is nothing like the feeling of slipping into such a bed at the end of such a day.

When I went to the breakfast room my wife, Anna, was in a deep conversation with Margaret in her kitchen – so I left them to it. Anna has always been drawn to capable people and she has a keen interest in cooking. Trevor came in to the breakfast room and we chatted about our day, we mentioned we had planned a trip to Glenfinnan Village a little settlement between Fort William and Mallaig. For a person interested in the history of of Scotland [or the history of Harry Potter] this is an area of interest. It is the site of the Glenfinnan’s Monument and the Glenfinnan Viaduct [the iconic bridge in the Harry potter movie]. The monument is located on the edge of Loch Sheil, it is a round dark stone tower with the statue of a clansman with his back to the Loch looking up to his land. According to the Visit Scotland website Glenfinnan’s monument was built in 1815 as a memorial for the ‘Jacobites’ a group of clansmen, who supported Scottish independence and died fighting the cause of Prince Charles Edward Stuart (AKA Bonnie Prince Charles). This uprising, which started full of promise, when BPC raised a flag and declared himself the rightful King of England and Scotland, came to a tragic end at the Battle of Culloden around 8 months later.

After a truly special breakfast; Trevor returned to the breakfast room, he had printed off some maps, provided estimated drive times and gave us other suggestions for the day – good walking shoes and wet weather gear. We knew we had found an exception bed and breakfast.
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