kinetic theatre

In this exemplar we look at an exception – The Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre. We do this to explore the product components & reinforce that product can be dominant in components other than goods and services. 

One of the biggest Glasgow surprise was the Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre. Kinetic sculpture is a piece of theatre and this exhibition is a collaboration between Eduard Bersudsky who is the sculptor and mechanic, Tatyana Jakovskaya who is the theatrical designer, and Sergey Jakovsky who provides the audio, lighting and shadows.

To me it feels like an amalgam of a trip through an antique store, an elaborate organ grinder, a merry go round and machinery from the industrial revolution.

For many years the kinetic sculptor Eduard Bersudsky struggled in Russia, where his non-conformist art met a great deal of resistance, however, he held true to his beliefs and fortunately, in 1993 was discovered and supported by The Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art. The work is now housed in Trongate 103.

There are a number of pieces in the exhibition and as the lights dim one piece after another puts on a show. Each piece is meticulously crafted ensemble of wooden sculptures and hoarded select junk, which are connected by gears and levers that are powered by small electric motors. The whole performance is choreographed to communicate a variety of stories that at times can be a little ghoulish and bizarre, at times amusing, and at times communicates the struggle and the futility of everyday life and the inevitability of death. The performance is augmented with a synchronized light show that through the use of coloured lighting draws your eyes to different scenes and characters and creates a shadow theatre on the back-drop. At the same time the audio is a mix of the sounds of the moving kinetic sculpture and music that can be haunting or light hearted depending on the required mood. All in all it is a unique experience.


Tasks: Consider this exemplar & the product components – what do you consider are the most important product components & why?

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