Madisson and Neil have invited clients and friends to celebrate the completion of their marketing audit and the launch of their new boutique business consultancy.

Madisson had asked Frank to make a short speech and toast. “Greetings – A few months ago at the small business seminar, Robyn, introduced me to Neil and Madison. It was a great afternoon and I am sure that the small business owners , who attended, gained a wealth of valuable business experience. I gained some new knowledge but I also gained some new friends. Madisson and Neil I thank you for asking for my advice from time to time and I wish you every success in your new venture. Please raise your glasses and toast the Madisson and Neil.”

The next to speak was Julien, Madisson’s husband, who was holding Julia, their baby. “A few months ago we welcomed Julia into the world and it only took Madisson a few moments to realise that her work in a large consultancy had come to an end. The long nights and the conferences would have to wait. At first I was a little skeptical about this venture, however, I am now certain that Madisson and Neil can help many small-medium businesses to grow and reach their potential.”

As everyone mingles, Robyn, takes Neil aside and asks when were they going to create a promotional video and upload it to LINKEDIN; Robyn said that she would be happy to put the video on her website if it stated the advantages of rigorous business-marketing planning and the need for a marketing plan and a series of marketing action plans.

Neil thanks Robyn, “you know you are a big part of this new venture and I really appreciate your help and support”.


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