In this activity we take a virtual field trip of markets around the world. By understanding markets we can better understand the relationships between buyers and sellers and how both come together to satisfy needs and wants and provide an insight to marketing as a process. An important activity for all modules in section 1.

In this activity we unpack Kotler’s classic definition of marketing. After participating students should: Have a more complete and balanced perspective of marketing. Two definitions are explored a classic, consumer centric definition and a contemporary organisational centric definition.

After participating in this activity students should: Recognise that marketing is a broad discipline and different genres emerge. That this is related to a recurring theme [COMP factors]. Marketing genres have distinct characteristics and although there are similarities genres often require appropriate management.

In this activity we explore the evolution of marketing and society; our objective is to learn from the past, identify the historical patterns, and be able to recognise how this knowledge can assist marketing practitioners to design and develop best satisfying products in the future.

Jacob [a fictional young man] is uncertain about his future and doubts whether his values need to be sacrificed ‘just to get a job’. The 3 business concepts are explained and the importance of the marketing concept is inferred.

After participating in this activity students should be able to:

identify  the 3 business concepts and describe their characteristics.

In this activity we explore a fictional Linkedin post that discusses the 3 business concepts and how organisations are often an amalgam of the concepts.

In this activity [we revisit this activity later with different learning in mind] we follow 4 university friends as they chat about life and work since leaving university. After participating in this activity you should recognise that organisations have different size and structures and this influences the marketing tasks that marketing practitioners will be involved in. From this an understanding of strategies and tactics should emerge.

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