Activity: inheriting a ski resort

The following activity is designed to stimulate discussion.

Recently you receive news that a distant and elderly relative has left you a 400–room ski resort in her will. The trouble is that you know nothing about running a ski resort. This means that you are on a steep learning curve [excuse the pun].

It appears as if each staff member is anxious to push their own agendas and there is a great deal of conflicting information. Some staff suggest you should stay with tradition and close for six months every year. They argue that it’s cheaper to shut down than run at a loss. You suspect that these staff members have a vested interest because many travel to Europe and work in ski resorts during the shut down. However, other staff, generally those who live nearby argue that secondary markets can be found. One staff member [John] presented a list of likely activities, whilst another [Anne] suggested a list of possible secondary target markets.

Taking on the role of John make a list of activities that could be considered in the off-season to bring visitors to the ski-lodge.

Taking on the role of Anne make a list of possible secondary target markets that would find a ski-lodge an appealing destination in the off-season.

Discuss this activity in light of

  1. Pricing
  2. Demand
  3. Capacity
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