In this activity we ‘catch up’ with 4 fictional university friends [this is the second time we visit this activity] and discover they work in quite diverse industries & are involved in strategic & tactical planning or just tactical planning dependent on the size of the organisation.

In this activity we follow Neil [from 4 university friends] and his role of a panel member of a small-medium business forum. During the forum he expands his network of contacts which results in new opportunities.
In this activity we follow Neil [from 4 university friends and the small-medium business forum] and how he is asked by his local chamber of commerce to produce a video on the business-marketing planning process for uploading to the chamber of commerce website.
In this activity we follow Neil [from 4 university friends] and how with his expanded network his business took a new direction after the small-medium business forum.
In this activity we follow a fictional couple on a European vacation & see how one hotelier manages capacity & demand.
In this activity we eavesdrop on a fictional conversation where the need to manage sales and the salespipeline are emphasised. The objective of the activity is to firstly highlight the importance of talent management and to encourage students to consider methods of measuring and managing sales performance.

This is the second time we visit this activity. Previously, we looked at it from a ‘theory’ perspective we will now look at it from the CADDIE Business-marketing planning process. Often when we think of strategic planning we think of larger organisations, this activity helps us consider strategy and tactics from a SME perspective.

In this activity we ‘time travel’ back to 1996 and see how strategies often remain constant although the tactics and tools may evolve with time.
In this activity we revisit the marketing concept and a marketing philosophy and see how it influences organisational decision making..
In this activity we discuss how creating a consistent message will improve brand awareness and brand recognition.
In this activity we examine the swimmers at an aquatic centre & dicover a number of segments with different needs. Consider this activity and the core, expected, & augmented product layers.
In this activity we catch up with Maddison and Neil [from previous activities] as they take on a ‘secret shopper’ assignment.
In this activity you inherit a ski resort – what happens next is the subject of this activity.
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