Section 3: Marketing application

How marketing practitioners apply a marketing philosophy and marketing theory through the CADDIE – business-marketing planning process is discussed in section 3.  In the collect and analyse section of the CADDIE process, we discussed how marketing practitioners conduct a marketing audit to research the prevailing situational factors [COMP factors] of the customer, the organisation, the market, and the products to assess the market attractiveness and ability to compete. We noted from our previous discussion on the evolution of marketing that situational factors are constantly evolving and this requires the organisation to adapt, however, we also noted that marketing practitioners have areas of responsibility that must be continually researched and this required two types of marketing research – as needed research and everyday marketing research.

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3:0:0 Marketing application [section preview]

In this section we discuss organisational decision-making process; how marketing practitioners conduct a marketing audit, how through the Strategic Business Planning Group the market position and the basis of competition are articulated in a business plan, how through a strategic marketing plan strategies are communicated within an organisation and how through tactical marketing action plans the tactics needed to achieve the strategic objectives of the organisation are implemented and evaluated.



3:1:0 The CADDIE process: collect and analyse

In this module we explore the CADDIE business-marketing planning process, including the 2 main types of research that marketing practitioners employ – as needed and everyday research – and how this research is employed in a marketing audit, is synthesised into a marketing audit report and a summary presentation to the Strategic Business Planning Group for further consideration.


3:2:0 The CADDIE process: design and develop

In this module we outline the documentation process for the business plan, and the marketing plan, and how this leads to the tactical marketing action plans.


3:3:0 The CADDIE process: implement and evaluate

In this module we outline how the marketing concept and a marketing philosophy are documented in the business plan, the marketing plan and transformed from strategic intentions to tactical actions through the implementation, evaluation of the tactical marketing action plans which are then evaluated and where necessary result in corrective action to meet the stated objectives.


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